A fully-integrated, customized weather forecasting, surveillance & alert service designed specifically for the special event industry, for C$289/day.*

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Service rate is C$289 calendar day (plus applicable taxes, in Canadian dollars). The minimum service plan is three calendar days. For protection of personnel and assets during set-up and take-down, event producers are strongly encouraged to consider Event WeatherPlan coverage on either side of event dates. Two weeks advance booking is required to secure this service.

  Forecast specificity     General region
(the airport)
    Varies     Your site  
  Continuous, 24/7 surveillance     no     Perhaps     yes  
  Alert system for multiple defined triggers     no     no     yes  
  Protocol relay to key event personnel
at specified trigger points
    no     no     yes  
  24/7 direct, toll-free telephone access
to a meteorologist
    no     Perhaps     yes  
  System designed specifically
for special events
    no     no     yes  
  Economically feasible service     Free     $$ - $$$     $289/day*
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