How it Works

Event WeatherPlan is a suite of weather related services that provide outdoor event organizers with site-specific weather forecasts and 24/7 surveillance and warning by expert meteorologists.

Pin-point and precise weather forecast reports

Graphical forecasts for the next 48 hours for the location of your event

Wind, gust, temperature, dew point, humidex, precipitation (rain, snow, blackice, hail, etc), cloud coverage and storm probability.

Up to ten recipients to the notification distribution list

Director, coordinator, supervisor, logistic, technician, security, operational, volunteer, etc.

Twice-daily reports sent by email in PDF file

Sent at 3 a.m. and 3 p.m. for the duration of your event with detailed explanation and access to a toll-free number for support.


24/7 live monitoring of your event site by meteorologists

Toll-free telephone technical support

A toll-free line is included to provide 24/7 technical support services about the forecasts, answer any questions, and notify of any impending weather threats.

Real-time weather threat alert system

If any potential weather threat is detected, an email alert is automatically sent to all contacts in the distribution list.


Customized plan for your events features

Up to three critical weather thresholds

Based on your infrastructure’s specifications and your own established weather limits, we jointly establish critical warning thresholds and action protocols to enact upon notification.

Personalized action protocols for each thresholds

For each alerts sent, we include in the email details about the warningand the action protocols you want your staff have agreed to initiate upon reception.

your event

The first step to achieve your Weather Plan is to establish:

  1. The distribution list of contacts
  2. The location of your event
  3. The dates you need the service
  4. The three (3) critical thresholds you wish to be informed if reached or exceeded and the action protocols

Critical thresholds (3 examples on the right) are associated to wind, temperature or precipitation. For each of these, you can pre-establish a set of action protocols you have decided your contacts must enact upon notification of a severe weather event. Since you’ll have set-up the protocols in advance, this proactive planning will enhanced your security plan by quickly enacting mitigating actions.

Threshold examples


If wind speed is higher than 40 km/h

ACTION PROTOCOL 1 - ... to do...
ACTION PROTOCOL 2 - ... to do...
ACTION PROTOCOL 3 - ... to do...


If rainfall rate is higher than 60 mm/h

ACTION PROTOCOL 1 - ... to do...
ACTION PROTOCOL 2 - ... to do...
ACTION PROTOCOL 3 - ... to do...


If temperature is higher than 39 °C

ACTION PROTOCOL 1 - ... to do...
ACTION PROTOCOL 2 - ... to do...
ACTION PROTOCOL 3 - ... to do...

With the first step done and payment received, your Weather Plan is now activated! Each key contacts will then receive a test email to confirm their email address to our system.

your event

Our team of meteorologist will monitor the sky above your site 24 hours a day, for any potential weather threat related to the pre-established thresholds in your Weather Plan.

If any thresholds are reached or exceed, an alert is automatically sent to all the key contacts within you email distribution list with a description of the weather threat and the related action protocols.

Once the alert has been sent, a meteorologist will follow-up by phone to verify the email was received, ensure comprehension and provide any consulting support.

You are free to call anytime! It’s important to realize that telephone services are available at any time of the dayIand night! You could even receive calls during the night; because Mother Nature never sleeps!

This system not only helps you to plan your operations but also to react in seconds to any potential weather threat that would compromise the success of your event!

Example of a forecast weather report

Sent by email twice-daily in PDF format