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We provide a fully-integrated, customized weather forecasting, surveillance & alert service designed specifically for the special event industry, for C$289/day.*


How can I be sure this service would fit my event needs? 1

With nearly a 100% retention of our customers, the service is well established and becomes part of their operations. However, we understand that our service is new and highly specialized, so we can offer you a free trial day if your event qualifies for the package. Contact us for more information.

How is Event WeatherPlan different from Private Weather Consulting Firms? 2

Event WeatherPlan is tailored specifically to the special events industry.

Uniquely, the trigger-based alert system will inform key event personnel of a relevant, impending weather situation … and will simultaneously provide the event’s specific protocol for handling the situation.

Unacknowledged receipt of such alerts are followed up with phone calls.

Event WeatherPlan is decidely not a passive, information-only service.

It’s less than 2 weeks to my event – can I still purchase an Event WeatherPlan?” 3

Maybe. It all depends on the number of events we are booked to monitor and the time available to build the weather model for your site.

We are proud to offer professional, personal meteorological assistance and will not overbook.

Please contact us if you are in this situation.

How do I purchase a WeatherPlan for my event? 4

Access the subscription portal to provide us with your general event details (location, dates) and contact information.

Contact us by telephone or electronically with any questions you have.

Your event is not
left to the elements

Your event has direct, 24/7 access to a meteorologist, to assist with any weather questions.

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