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The Curd Festival

The Curd Festival has been held for 20 years in St-Albert (Ontario), a small village of just 1,500 inhabitants. It offers festivities over three days [...]

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Event WeatherPlan™
is trusted by

  • Canada day festivities
  • Loto-Québec mondial
  • Franco Ontarian festival

and many more

How it works

We know that the success of an event is important. Our team is equipped with the best technological equipment to monitor your event site and provide you with professional information in a simple and understandable format, 24/7. You can be informed of weather threats that could impact your site before they occur and ensure the safety and smooth running of your operations.

Step 1

Pinpoint Forecasting

Our meteorologists provide a weather forecast for the precise location of your event — not the airport.

You receive professionally interpreted, comprehensible, regularly updated forecasts for your event site.

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Step 2

Continuous Surveillance
& Pre-emptive Alerts

Wind, lightning, precipitation, temperature — your event has defined "triggers" for adverse weather protocols.

Our meteorologists continuously monitor the weather and the plan developed for your event.

Your key event leads are contacted immediately upon detection of a weather threat to your event.

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Step 3

24/7 Meteorological Assistance

Questions? Concerns? You always have 24/7 direct, toll-free telephone access to our meteorologists.

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